How we work


The Middle Class Alliance is a nonpartisan political action committee, working to change laws, and limited in scope to legal reforms that create more middle class jobs, reduce poverty, and foster cleaner government. We work with like-minded organizations and individuals to write ballot initiatives, promote legislative agendas, and organize visits to elected officials to voice our perspective and achieve our common goals. We're standing up for the Middle Class and standing up against political extremism. 

Independents, Democrats, Republicans and people with other or no party affiliation are welcome to join, organize, and participate in discussion, activities, and advocacy that support our core mission: create more Middle Class jobs, reduce poverty, and foster cleaner government.



Chair: Tim Probst
Vice-chair: Mark Maggiora
Treasurer: Jim Martin
Secretary: Caressa Milgrove
Social Media Director: Vacant
Community Engagement Director: Patti Maggiora
Development Director: Vacant
Legislative Directors: Saxon Douda-Euliss & Dan Euliss
Small Business Liaison: Jacob Kerr
Labor Liaison: Mike Bridges
Large Business Liaison: Vacant
Education Liaison: Cathy Golik
Communities of Color Liaisons: Hector Hinojosa & Yessenia Martinez
Faith Community Liaison: Vacant
Human Services Liaison: Vacant
Environmental Community Liaison: Cathy Morton
Neighborhood Associations Liaison: Vacant
Social Director: Vacant
Director At Large: Kathy Neary