MCA Triple Play







The Middle Class Alliance strives to advance policy changes that affect those that make up the cornerstone of our communities.  In November of 2018, MCA members were asked during a public meeting to prioritize items that concern them the most from the  Long Term Policy Agenda items.  The top three items, in no particular order, identified were:








      "We support positive partnering with developers and builders to ensure new developments include a proportion of units for low income, those with mixed abilities, or homeless people on site (including caregiver space if needed), or help provide those in safe and economically thriving areas of the community, coupled with employment services and supportive services."










      "We support Running Start for Apprenticeship to make apprenticeship a convenient and credit-bearing part of the high school experience for students who choose apprenticeship, with full inclusion of students from rural communities and all races, religions, abilities, genders, ethnicities, and cultures. Like the current Running Start model, this would empower high school students to earn and learn in apprenticeship while gaining high school credits so they can graduate with their class in four years and be several years closer to journey-level status and high-skilled highly-paid careers."










     "We support rural broadband reaching every community in our state and nation. Rural economies can produce more jobs for rural residents if they have affordable and reliable broadband access and computer literacy training available for all who may need it."

Updates on each campaign can be found in our forums or by subscribing to our mailing lists.

Assisting with YOUR campaign

The Middle Class Alliance stands ready to lend support to campaigns that might align with any of our Long Term Policy Agenda items.  If your group or organization wishes to seek the support and/or endorsement of MCA, you can request an opportunity to present your position to the membership at one of our regular meetings.  After your presentation, members will discuss how your group's position aligns with MCA's goals and vote on whether or not to grant the support being requested.  

If you would like to discuss an endorsement, assistance or a partnership with MCA, please email us with your group's name, contact information and summary of the help you are requesting.

We look forward to working with like-minded organizations who are interested in more jobs, less poverty and cleaner government.