Help us stand up for Middle Class America!


The Middle Class Alliance believes these unifying principles are shared by a vast majority of Americans:

  • Growing the Middle Class

  • Unity among all Americans

  • Promoting ethical and transparent government, reducing corruption

  • Reducing poverty through work

  • Humane and economically rational immigration policy

  • Reducing costs, improving purchasing power of the Middle Class


We are seeking common ground among individuals and organizations to identify our policy agenda items with the broadest support, and to focus our efforts on them first.

We invite you to identify which policy items you agree with. Then, please indicate which three you believe are top priorities for early action.


We invite you to join our like-minded group working to achieve our common goals.

We are a nonpartisan political action committee working to change laws and limiting our scope to legal reforms that create more Middle Class jobs, reduce poverty, and foster cleaner government. We work with like-minded organizations and individuals to write ballot initiatives, promote legislative agendas, participate in community forums, and organize visits to elected officials to voice our perspective and achieve our common goals.

Please let us know what you think! We look forward to working with you to advance this important work.