The Middle Class Alliance offers a distinctly positive and preferred alternative to today’s individualistic political culture. While others may focus on fear and division, we stand for confident unity, even when opinions differ. We stand united.


Our organization’s culture defines the culture we promote in our community, state, and nation. It’s a culture of confident unity among Americans; a culture of love and competence; success and industriousness. It’s a culture that includes everybody in its success, because we are all brothers and sisters in one united country. It’s a culture where you get to define success your way, and everyone roots for you and helps you make it, even if you’re different from me, and even if you need a lot more help to make it than I did.  

Next time you’re in the presence of someone spreading fear and division, remember you can choose to spread a different message. Join the team promoting confident unity – The Middle Class Alliance


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” --Mahatma Gandhi 

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